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Tipping The Strippers

We all love when our work or performance is being appreciated, it isn’t different when it comes to strippers. 

A happy stripper provides a better show. In the entertainment industry cheap always mean bad quality – lame strippers and boring shows. Everyone loves a good bargain, but our prices are already industry standard.


Tipping The Strippers

Many people have never hired a male or female stripper or attended a bachelorette or bachelor party. Some might have wandered into a local strip club and see the dancers making tips. Well when you plan to hire a male or female stripper for a private party, there is some industry standards to follow.

First off, tipping is not optional, it is required when it comes to hosting or hostessing an adult party. Some assume you tip a stripper at the end of the party like 10 or 20% like a waiter at a restaurant, but that is definitely not the case.

Most strippers whether male or female will not only do lap dances but other activities to get everyone involved during the show. Most everything done is tip oriented to participate. We have seen parties where lets say 25 people are sitting there watching the show. Out of the 25, only half of them are tipping the dancer or dancers and the rest are sitting there doing nothing. This makes for a bad party, since this is forcing the others to shell out more tip money or the dancer walks away with a lot less tips than expected.

 They work hard to look great, to be in good shape. They learn how to dance, how to entertain. They learn all the necessary skills to provide flawless services and ensure the success of your party.

Guys, I’m talking about the real pros. Trained and skilled adult entertainers who can be the highlight of your event. We all know that strippers have to make their money.

As you probably already know, our girls work off tips. Tipping the strippers generously is only going to help you. Tipping is what makes the strippers happy.

Making any discounts over our prices won’t make our girls happy, and they won’t perform at 100%. Show fees normally include the agency fee, the girls’ payment

 Collect the show fee from the guys before the girls arrive and have them ready in an envelope.

Tipping the strippers is not optional, it is required when it comes to performing at a party.

Girls will stay longer to entertain you, if you tip well.

Be nice and generous, keep in mind that these girls are professional entertainers, this is their job and respect that. Tip accordingly and have fun.

The Sexy Bartenders provides trained and skillful adult entertainers with beautiful faces and hot stripper bodies Our girls will help you to throw that epic party you always dreamed of.

 The Sexy Bartenders provides the hottest strippers.

We plan and deliver the Ultimate Party Experience.


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